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Looking to Move to Delaware…But Where?

Looking to buy in Delaware?

Why should you move to Delaware? What is there to do? How do I know what part of Delaware to live in? These are all questions you may be asking yourself as you’re thinking of making Delaware your next home!

Let’s talk about the awesome places and areas in Delaware to see which county would best suit your needs. 

Starting off in New Castle County

New Castle County is the most northern part of Delaware. Because of its location and proximity to major cities, like Baltimore, D.C. and Philadelphia, New Castle County tends to be the hub for Delaware visitors and relocators.

The main attraction for out of state visitors is the Christiana Mall which holds many stores where people can take advantage of NO SALES TAX when purchasing items! Not only does Christiana Mall have great shops, but it also has AMAZING food in the food court, a variety of restaurants to sit down and have a nice meal, a huge arcade and game center, and even a movie theatre, all in the same place! You will never run out of things to do. 

Looking to catch a sports game? Visit The University of Delaware where you can walk around our college town of Newark. Not too far from Main Street, you can try your luck on the slots or horse race betting at Delaware Park! 

New Castle County is mainly made up of suburban areas of townhomes, ranch style homes, single family homes and condos. Looking for more city life? The city of Wilmington is in a central location to keep you only a short distance away from the other areas of our county. Not to mention, it is home to some of our best bars and restaurants. If you are looking for a home with a little more acreage, you may have a tough time searching up north, but the closer to the canal, the more land is available! 

If you are looking to relocate to take advantage of Delaware’s low property taxes, living in New Castle County may be the perfect fit for you! Easy access to the NJ bridge, 30-45 min to the Philadelphia airport and less than 2 hours from the beach, you can get the best of all worlds. 

The County of the CAPITAL!

Now let’s move to the central part of Delaware: Kent County. Our state capital of Dover, located in Kent County, hosts some of the best events such as NASCAR at the Dover Downs Casino and Delaware’s own version of Coachella called Firefly. It’s a major concert that many love and enjoy!   

People travel from all over to attend these events. When not attending these events, you can expect to find many restaurants, grocery stores and shopping stores to choose from while all being on one main road (Route 13). For a more secluded area, there are plenty of large preserved farms so that you can find a home with a large yard and be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In Kent County, you can find all different styles of homes from our newly built HOA communities, all the way to our 100+ year old homes! The opportunities are endless. Are you looking for land or a place to invest? Kent county sells large parcels of land, as well as, multi-unit properties to see your return of investment sooner. 

How amazing does that sound!

Well wait until you hear this….

Because Kent county is in the most central part of Delaware you have the option to enjoy different atmospheres. If you want a date night in New Castle to see the city, it’s only a quick drive and you’re there! If you have an impulse to get away to the beach, you can be right on the boardwalk, feeling the sand in between your toes in less than 40 minutes! 

Uhhhh…. The beach. Where do we find that???

Many come to visit Sussex County and realize they would drop everything to live here! Now what would make people do such a thing? Sussex County is home to our variety of beaches. People come from all over just to visit them! Looking for a young crowd and the party vibe you just crave? Dewey Beach is going to be the place to catch that scene! Are you a fan of arcade games? Who isn’t, right? Head to the Rehoboth Boardwalk to find tons of food, beach souvenirs, Funland of rides, and you guessed it, arcades! You thought those would be the only beaches? Think again! There’s still Bethany Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park, where many go to escape the huge crowds and to enjoy a calming and relaxing oasis. 

For those looking to find homes where you can have acres of fun, grow a farm or just enjoy the beautiful fresh air, you’ll want to look to the west of the beaches. You can enjoy quiet land where homes are secluded from all the main areas, giving you peace of mind and country living!

Is it that time to move to Delaware?

As you can see, Delaware has quite a list of things to offer! You truly cannot go wrong with any county. Delaware is growing year after year and many are already making up their minds that the time is now! If you have more questions about what it’s like to live in Delaware and how you can get started on your journey here, give us a call. We would be happy to chat with you to figure out which area is best for you!

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