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Come on out to the Delaware State Fair

It’s that time already, for the Delaware State Fair!

Heading into the peek of the summer people come from all over the state to attend the Delaware State Fair. Looking for a Carnival experience? Where you can eat different foods and listen to bands play? Did I mention you can get UNLIMITED rides for the whole day?  

But wait…. You thought that was all?

You can go see different kinds of animals: camels, pigs, cows and you can even feed a giraffe!


After paying the admission into the fair where do you even start? If you wanted to ride every ride as many times as your stomach can handle, then I would grab yourself an UNLIMITED ride wrist band that gives you access onto any ride as many times as you want!

What rides are there to jump onto?

We recommend you start on the classic Ferris Wheel to see the whole fair from the highest point! You’ll get the best view at any time of the day where you can take that perfect photo to capture the memory of a life time!

WHHOOOOAA! Now that the scenic ride is over its time for FUN, FAST, FLIPPING RIDES that turn your stomach every way and keep your heart pumping!   

How about trying The Flying the Cliff Hanger ride, or being upside down on the Free Bird? You can even get stuck to the chair soaring on the Hydro Shock! Those are just a few rides you can experience during this fun trip through the fair!


That’s right. How can you walk out of the fair and not win that GIANT prize that sits watching you from every turn you take? So many options, too many chances, and what prize do I even want? Who knows? You could be the next one to win big and say “that one right there!”, as everyone watches you walk away with that life size stuffed animal.

You’ll find yourself tempted as you walk through the dangers of the carnival games after jumping on every ride in the park. Just imagine, when you see a basketball hoop and think, “I drop 3 pointers all day, this stand will be mine by the time I’m finished”. Or you could try your luck at the ducks where all you have to do is put one ring frisbee around their neck. How about darts? Just one hit and any prize could be yours!

The Delaware State Fair has so many games to choose from! You could be the one walking around with a prize so big it needs its own spot on a ride.

MMMMM! This is the spot!

After you’ve exhausted yourself from all the fun you’re having and the extra person you have to carry around, head over to the food court to replenish your energy. At the food court you’ll find trucks, tents and giant stands where they serve you WHATEVER your tummy desires!   

You can find all kinds of food from the sugary sweets to the greasy foods. Grab yourself the obvious Funnel Cake that everyone seeks at a fair! It is a must when you come visit!

They also have the most delicious BBQ food. Who knew that mac n cheese and pork would taste so good together? The pizza is so good you’ll wish it was parked right down the street from your home! Share a party bucket of fries with your friends or try one of the many flavors of rolled ice cream. You can even find Greek food here!

Not only is there a variety of food but how can you forget about those souvenir cups at the lemonade stands where you can get free refills!

The amazing Delaware State Fair

Even with all the great food, fun rides and games, there are still other events! You can see tons of awesome concerts they host every year! There is even a great spot for the 21+ crowd, called The Roost, where you can drink and listen to great music. If you have the guts, get in front of the crowd and do some karaoke, play giant jenga, or corn hole!

Come out for a day or spend all ten days of fun doing the many activities they schedule out! Make sure you stay for the fair finale where they set off fireworks for everyone to watch! What better way to end any event but with the fireworks.

If you missed your chance to go this year, we highly recommend putting it on your schedule for next year.

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